A few from teaching at Lancaster University

The tutor was interesting, able to respond to our interests and offered a good balance of listening, practical, visual aids, information and discussion.

Very in-depth and very comprehensive and practical. The tutor was great

A fascinating and well taught and well prepared course.

Everything was excellent – all parts were best.

Sarah taught us the basics – and her sense of humour and laid back style made it very enjoyable.


I cannot emphasise enough the importance of herbalism and how helpful it can be. 19 years ago I suffered severe bronchial asthma conventional medicine didn’t cure me of the constant mucus and cough, I sought the help of Sarah Atkinson, my recovery was slow but steady, I was able to give up my inhalers and steroids which I have not used for the past 18 years. Herbs are simple, yet they work.

Sincerely, Dorothy (73 years)

Feb 1998 I had a massive heart attack after leaving hospital I arranged a consultation with Sarah and because of the herbal treatment from Sarah I was able to eliminate the NHS treatment completely over the next few years ( with the support of my doctor and specialists). I have not experienced any problems since.

Fred, Windemere

It’s still my miracle oil for my knees when they are really bad,. My brother who injured his back was moaning so much, I said “Well have you used the oil then?” “Ah” he said “I knew there was something”, so after an hour or so of using the oil, he beamed at his wife – “wow it’s worked”!!”

Karen from Walney (About Hypericum oil)

I have been a client of Sarahs for some years now and she has helped me through various problems, particularly stages of the menopause. Sarah always has time to listen, works hard at finding a solution and even manages to decipher garbled telephone messages

Ann from Ulverston, Cumbria.

I have been treated by Sarah since Oct 96 when I was suffering from a number of serious conditions; among which are a tendancy to pancreatitus and recurrent bile-pancreatic duct spasms, passing of gravel, breast cancer, hair loss and bouts of chronic fatigue. I feel Sarah provides me with superb ‘client centred holisitic care’. Sarah is dependable and is always there for me, especially during times when I have felt my back was against the wall. Although words cannot convey my gratitude, ‘Thank you, Sarah’.

Marylyn, Cumbria

Conscientious, knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, kind, considerate, practical are just a few of the words that accurately describe Sarah. However, to meet her is the only way one can experience and benefit from the true belief and passion that sarah has in herbal medicine and good nutrition. Sarah has helped me for many years through some very difficult times and I trust her treatment, knowledge and judgement implicity… she also has a brilliant sense of humour. I have and would recommend her to anyone with complete confidence.

Mary, Millom, Cumbria.