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PlantRemedies are the creation of Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist and Jane Alexander, Spiritual Facilitator. We create them by harnessing the physical and spiritual power of plants that are native to Cumbria or have been adapted to life here and are all found in our wild spaces and gardens. Each PlantRemedy offers you a way of healing your relationship with your body and the Earth. Because we are born at a time and in a culture that has become disconnected from nature, we all carry an aspect of that disconnection as well as our deeper wisdom of our unity with life. Sarah often says that PlantRemedies change your perspective and help you to see a different way or to feel a different way so you can become unstuck or move beyond something that is tripping you up or causing you pain. Jane often describes them as being like gateways to the deep Earth wisdom that is at the heart of your life. She says that as we close those gateways we get trapped in our minds and in our struggles. This disconnection has consequences for our wellbeing and for the wellbeing of the planet. When we are struggling in some way, if we open up the gateway again, we will find self understanding, release and change. PlantRemedies can help us with this process and aid our life journey.


A SPECIAL COLLECTION of PlantRemedy Essences and Healing Mists heartwoven through ritual and remembering.

This special collection of PlantRemedy Essences and Healing Mists was created to support us with common life experiences and everyday challenges.they were made through ritual using several different plant energies from a space of deep awareness and may be used to support healing work, deep meditative connection, ritual, ceremony or as a pick me up throughout the day.

plantRemedies are made with the intention to support you to engage in your subjective inner landscape and as a tool for self awareness, mindfulness and inner growth. They can open up pathways of healing around the archetypes and energies that they hold as well as inviting you to embrace the powers and wisdoms they are named for.

This special collection are perfect if you are new to working with PlantRemedies or are looking at something that fits your needs in the moment. If you have an Earth based spiritual practice, then you may find that they add depth and magic to your rituals, manifestation practices, prayers and shamanic journeys. Great to take before healing sessions or drumming circles or red tent gatherings and the like.

Take a few drops of the Essences in a little water, ideally before meditation, energy practices or healing treatments. Not suitable for use in pregnancy due to alcohol content. Use the Healing Mists to clear space, refresh a room or prepare for healing work. A few sprays is usually enough.



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Avens, Sheep Sorrel, Dandelion, Elderberry, Willow

Abundance comes through groundedness, Earth connection and openness to receive from the Earth in accordance with our deepest needs.  If you are experiencing lack in any area of your life and are finding it hard to open to gratitude or to be present in your body and in your life, then you might like to work with Abundance to support you.  Abundance is actually a balancing force within us within our community – locally and globally.  You can work with it’s wisdom to empower you to let go of feelings of lack of entitlement, fear of being and having enough as well as shame around acquisition of money, material things or love.  It can help to to know when to give and how much as well as when to allow others and life to give to you.  Great for healing through sacral and root chakra issues as well as for finding balance within relationships of all kinds.  Abundance brings flow and teaches healthy detachment, allowing us to find a deeper trust of life and her ability to hold us, providing for our unspoken needs.


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