Picture of Ladys Mantle Plant
Empower Group

Lady’s Mantle

(Alchemilla vulgaris)
Cycles of Life

Functions at a glance:

Acceptance of life cycles, grieving loss, abundance, fear, moving through emotion, empowerment of women, menstrual cycle

Functions in detail:

I bring acceptance of the cycles of life. I bring deep appreciation that everything has its time. I am a teacher of spiritual life process. A time of elimination brings with it the seeds of a time of creation which brings a time of fruition which heralds even as it arrives the time of elimination and release which will inevitably follow.

I am a great comfort when you are experiencing loss – of all kinds: Loved ones, marriages, animal companions, work situations, money or material possessions.I am also a great aid if you find it difficult to let go of what you have or have created when it is past its usefulness or life span. I can help you to declutter, throw away or move on when you really need to for your own good and the good of those you love.

I am a teacher of abundance. As you release, you allow the new to come. Wherever in your life there is stagnancy, I can get things moving once more. Thus I am especially helpful when you have undealt with emotion in your body or an undealt with situation in your life. I can help you to ‘get moving’ and support you to move through the fears that are holding you back. I am deeply transformative on an emotional level and can support women to harness the power of their menstrual cycle to empower them through the creative and destructive elements of each month.

I can also support you to identify where you have attachments in your life and allow you to find a natural process for inviting in loving detachment. Likewise, where you have been numb, I can reawaken your capacity to connect. I can, therefore, help when you desire to revitalise a relationship or refind your enthusiasm for a long term project or for your career.

Ultimately, I can help you to make peace with the passing of time so that you can truly be present in your life and make the most of each day whatever it brings.

Herbal properties:

Parts used: flowers and leaves
Actions : astringent, reduces inflammation
Uses: diarrhoea, digestive irritation heavy periods


non known