The Medicine Garden shop is currently closed.

The shop is now closed due to lockdown restrictions. Most items are available through our online shop. Orders will be posted weekly on either a Tuesday or Wednesday. Local orders can be placed by telephoning 01229 580222 or by email: themedicinegardenshop@gmail.com

There will be someone available at the shop between 2pm and 4pm on a Tuesday for collection of prescription mixes and orders.

Creams are made with natural ingredients and minimal chemical preservatives. All health products in the shop are sold in returnable/refillable glass bottles or recycled brown paper bags.

Soap and shampoo bars are made by The Soap People using natural ingredients and no palm oil.

The crafts on sale are all made or produced by local crafts people using natural materials, there is also a range of crystals supplied by Jane Alexander. The art on display is by two local artists – water colours of herbs by Sally Bamber and three dimensional art works by Rachel Pearson who also makes some of the jewelry which is also on sale.

Ceramics made by Deborah Robinson – Tarnside Ceramics – based in Ulverston

Wooden items are made by Jenny based in Broughton at her fathers wood yard – Beckfoot_woodmill – a selection of the items that she makes can be found on instagram. Items can be made to order.

  • Dried herbs (many grown locally on ‘the plot’)
  • Superfood
  • Energy mists and Essences – each including a selection of Meldings
  • Meldings
  • Tinctures
  • Creams
  • Crystals
  • Jewellery and wooden crafts
  • Cards
  • Original artwork by local artists
  • Fused glassware
  • Locally made ceramics
  • woolen products from the woolly rug company

Many of these items are also available to buy from the online shop.