Herb Walks

2020 Herb Walks with Sarah:

All walks start at 10.00 am

All the walks will take between 3 – 4 hours depending on the herbs. The walks are undertaken at your own risk – it’s important to wear appropriate foot wear and clothing ( it will be possible to get wet on all these walks) as well as bringing along a drink and something to snack on. Children must be accompanied by an adult.The walks will be cancelled if its wet but might be OK if it’s only drizzling – check with me if you are unsure 07870 250182

There is a small charge of £5 per adult, children are welcome as long as they bring an adult with them, dogs are optional – I will have George with me.

Booking Essential
01229 716023/580222.

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Herb Walks are an opportunity to go for a walk, usually in the South Lakes area, with a local herbalist. Booking is essential because I like to keep the numbers to about 10, any more than this and it becomes difficult for everyone to see and hear what’s going on. Wear walking boots and bring wet weather gear plus a drink and sandwiches. Sometimes we will be able to sample some of the plants as we walk – bring some bead and butter for this purpose. (or similar).

Always phone a couple of hours before the start of the walk if you are unsure about the weather, I will walk in a light drizzle but nothing heavier than this – you just can’t see the herbs in driving rain. Obviously all walks are undertaken at your own risk. I’ve been guiding herb walks for over 5 years and I haven’t lost anyone yet, but you need to be realistic about the level of walking you can manage.

For example there was a lot of interest in the Hamps Fell walk from Mothers and Toddlers as well as older walkers, what I’ve done is to offer an alternative walk to the younger people. If you have an area local to you that you would like to know more about from a plant perspective I am happy to come out and walk with you.

I usually make a small charge of £10 per person to cover my travelling costs. I normally do any arranged walk 2 or 3 times before the event to ensure that I am familiar with the plants as well as the route, getting lost is only exciting for the first five minutes.

These walks range from the limestone hills of Hamps Fell – an interesting spring walk with a large variety of wild plants especially in a meadow which has never been cultivated or artificially fertilized. This is a 2 – 3 hour walk with an initial steep climb and uneven terrain over limestone pavements for some of the route.

Beacon Tarn and Fell – 3 – 3.5 hours, quite a different walk over boggy peaty ground with some gentle climbing involved. The plants on this walk all enjoy acid conditions, there is an impressive display of bog bean in some of the pools around the tarn. This is a good walk for a hot day, the fells usually find a breeze from some where and a swim in the tarn will also help to cool you off – it’s not as cold as you might think.

Sarah Atkinson
MNIMH dip. phyt.

Owner & Medical herbalist

Tel: 01229 580222 / 716023
Email: sarah.atkinson4941@live.co.uk

I've been a practicing medical herbalist for over twenty five years. The idea for the Medicine Garden has gradually germinated over this time.

During the process I've found that the emphasis of my consultation has changed, from focusing totally on the herbs to looking very much at what people eat and drink. This, combined with listening to peoples life stories has made my approach to dis-ease much more holistic, which benefits my patients by giving them more control over their health.

Adult £5

Children Welcome (as long as they have an adult with them)

Dogs Optional