A 66 year old woman suffering from recurrent infections

Diagnosed with asthma in October 2007 and treated for this for 6 weeks until during a cardiovascular assessment by her GP aortic valve incompetence was diagnosed.

Operation in July 2008 to replace her aortic valve, also a pacemaker was implanted due to a delay in her heart re establishing a regular rhythm , this happened after three weeks and her pace maker is only triggered very occasionally.

History of poor immunity lots of coughs and colds that often develop into chest infections, probably due to the gradual incompetence of her aortic valve and the consequence of a diminished circulation of oxygenated blood.

Drugs and supplements:
: AMIODARONE – a treatment of arrhythmias (erratic heart pattern)
BISOPROLOL – beta blocker – blocking the beta-adrenoreceptors in the heart, peripheral vasculature, bronchi, pancreas and liver, thereby reducing blood pressure.
ECHINACEA – boost immune system, has anti viral activity.
LUTENE – (a form of carotene) eye protection
VITAMIN C 1g – boosts immune system
HAWTHORN AND GARLIC – heart protection, blood thinner and immunity boosting
B12 – Required for the functioning of the central nervous system, essential for the prevention of anaemia if there is a lack of intrinsic factor.

I first saw this lady in September 2009 when she presented with a dry cough and a chest infection.

Inula elecampane – Highly aromatic, diffuses into the lungs and has an anti bacterial effect,
Equisetum arvensis – strengthens the lungs, particularly useful for transitional tissue which needs to be very elastic.
Thymus vulgaris – anti bacterial,diffuses into the lungs, stimulates the muco-cilliary escalator and thins mucus (expectorant).
Echinacea purpurea – stimulates the immune system and has an anti viral effect
Sambucus nigra fructus – powerful anti viral activity
Astragalus membranus – boosts white blood cell levels
Taraxacum radix – liver support and detoxifying
Carduas marianus – healing and protective liver support
Arctium lappa – blood cleanser and liver detoxifier, eliminates toxins.

A week later she felt 100% better.

It took until the beginning of 2010 to build up her immune system to a point where her chest infections and colds became less frequent and over the years she has suffered from fewer and fewer colds and now if she does have a cold they very rarely develop into chest infections. Her energy and sense of well being have also improved over the years.

The main herbs that she takes now are: Elderberries, Astragalus and Echinacea