About the Medicine Garden

The Medicine Garden was set up in 2006 in the centre of Ulverston, South Lakes as centre of peace and tranquillity in a busy world where you can choose from high quality therapies and therapists.

Currently we offer:

  • Herbal medicine consultations with Sarah Atkinson MNIMH Dip. Phyt.
  • Herb walks led by Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist.
  • Consultations and workshops by Master Reiki teacher and crystal healer Jane Alexander.
  • Reflexology and massage by Caroline Anderson.
  • Meditation with Angela Butcher takes place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in the month from 7 pm

We run regular courses and workshops at the Medicine Garden on a variety of topics – see the courses page.

The therapy rooms at the medicine garden are available to rent.

Hourly rate: £10 per room for one hour

(this rate is also applicable to hours worked in addition to a booked half or full day)

£30 per room per half day 9am 1pm or 1pm – 5pm

(a variation on this theme can be discussed with me)

£ 50 per room per full day 9am – 5 pm

£90 for the entire building for the day 9 am – 5 pm

These rates include the use of the kitchen plus kettle

Sarah Atkinson – Owner & Medical Herbalist

MNIMH dip. phytt

Tel: 01229 580222

Email: sarah.atkinson4941@live.co.uk

I’ve been a practicing medical herbalist for over thirty years. The idea for the Medicine Garden has gradually germinated over this time.

During the process I’ve found that the emphasis of my consultation has changed, from focusing totally on the herbs to looking very much at what people eat and drink. This, combined with listening to peoples life stories has made my approach to dis-ease much more holistic, which benefits my patients by giving them more control over their health.

I qualified as a medical herbalist 30 years ago after completing a 4 year full time herbal course at the School of Phytotherapy. My training explored the mind /body connection – how we feel emotionally is often reflected in our health. The herbs I use are whole plant extracts usually in alcohol but if this isn’t appropriate I use teas or creams as well.

The Herbalist’s Approach

Medical Herbalists are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors but take a more holistic approach to illness. The underlying cause of the problem is sought and, once identified; it is this which is treated, rather than the symptoms alone. Herbalists use their remedies to restore the balance of the body thus enabling it to mobilise its own healing powers.

First consultation £55


Subsequent consultations £35

Jane Alexander – Soul Healer and Teacher

Tel: 07841 581979

Email: embodysoul@hotmail.com

A little about me & what I offer

My awakening process began before I knew what awakening was. If I look back, I can see the desire to understand, to ‘know’ the truth about what it means to be alive was always there but it was not until my early twenties that this started to formalize into a desire to know myself which then dissolved into an all encompassing process of spiritual awakening.

I’ve spent the last 15 years learning, exploring and witnessing the shapes consciousness takes in myself and others and it is this background that informs the spaces I create where people can open to more of what they are. Whether you join me for a retreat, a Reiki weekend or come for a one-to-one session, you will find a space of acceptance where you are supported and challenged to unfold into the truth of you.

To be me feels like standing a little apart from the world and yet completely of it. I often embody the mystic – I see the past in images and hear the Earth speaking. I’m drawn to crystals, healing plants, trees and sacred places. Their wisdom really speaks to me, and through me. Maybe it is because of this, that much of what I do seems shamanic. In ceremony, it feels like remembering ancient ways. Despite all this, I am a very ordinary woman who lives a life juggling the pressures and joys of family and work and this shapes my work too. Roots it in the everyday.

Beyond the form my work can take, I don’t see the value in a spiritual life or healing process that doesn’t enable us to engage fully and be present with the challenges of living as they arrive. I want to be there for those I love when it’s difficult. I want to be available emotionally; to be ‘in the moment’ is a practical ideology for me, not a transcendent one.

Can I help you grow?

People are often drawn to my practice when they are at an impasse in their lives or are struggling with the past or a current situation. If this is you, then the focus would be on supporting you to move beyond your struggle, creating opportunities to move beyond challenging emotions and beliefs so that you can create a life which is more fulfilling and more your own.

Other people are drawn to work with me as part of their spiritual or healing journey perhaps coming for training or mentoring or a for a space for the facilitation of their awakening. If this is you, then we would focus on the enlightenment process as a lived experience, equipping you with practices to aid you as well as exploring the nature of the journey and holding space for your unfolding.

Personal Development Session £45 per hour/£65 for two hours

Reiki £45 per hour

Ritual Massage £65 for hour and a half massage (allow two hours for the session)

Ritual Massage 1 hour plus an hour mentoring £70

Reiki training with Jane Alexander
Reiki that honours the sacred rhythm of your journey

Following a Reiki pathway is just one way we can open into a conscious relationship with the mystery of life. The Reiki initiate, makes a commitment to a journey of increasing awareness of the experience of being alive. If you choose to begin or deepen your Reiki self-work with me, then you will find an immediate, responsive way of working that places the magic and mystery of existing at its heart. Reiki is much more than a tradition or a therapy we can enjoy and offer to others. It is a way of discovering and relating to what we are.

Your pathway through the Reiki degrees will be as unique as you are. It will be shaped by your life experience, your sense of who you are and your heartfelt intentions. There will be times when you need extra support, more teaching or space to grow or to integrate so I have developed a way of working which honours your natural unfolding.

My courses offer a mixture of taught courses, personal mentoring as well as opportunities for focused workshops on aspects the process of facilitating the journeys of others. You choose what you need and when, paying for it as you go along. My Reiki courses are dynamic, ceremonial, challenging, soulful and full opportunities to deepen your practice. We meditate, journey, use sound and silence, discuss the big ideas and explore the mystery of the treatment space. I work from guidance, and deep intuition birthing each weekend to meet the needs of whoever attends. Attunement is to the degree you are working with – you tell me when you feel ready to go deeper.

Reiki 1 is awarded after attending your first Reiki course.
Reiki 2 is awarded upon the completion of case studies, some mentoring and as many courses as feel right to you. You may choose to attend workshops focused on client care if you are a new therapist.

Reiki Masters lasts at least year and includes a commitment to regular mentoring along with as many Reiki courses as you wish.

Master teachers lasts more than a year and includes some shared teaching with me, a commitment to mentoring, four Reiki courses and day workshops exploring teaching skills and approaches.

Reiki 1 £165

Reiki courses £85 (once you are Reiki 1)

Day Courses £65

Mentoring is £40-45 depending on your situation

Caroline Anderson – Aromatherapy, Swedish massage


Tel: 07870594096

Email: caroline@natureandnurturetherapies.com

Nature and Nurture has come from my belief that we can learn so much from being still in nature and observing…and also that we need to nurture our own mind body and spirit, allowing us to nurture other people and animals in our work and private lives.

My therapies endeavour to reflect this deep belief, and using healing and relaxation techniques within aromatherapy/reflexology/help my clients to find some peace in an otherwise busy and sometimes stressful life.

Healing/ Relaxation techniques/ Creative visualisation
Aromatherapy massage with hand blended essential oils

All Treatments – 1 hour 10 minutes £40


2 hour combination treatments are available for deep relaxation £70

Jules Clark – Master Reiki Practitioner

Traditional Tibetan Usui Reiki Shamanic Crystal Healing Shamanic Journeying Crystal Healing Animal Reiki

Tel: 07950038049

Email: julesclark967@gmail.com

I offer one to one sessions and work intuitively with Reiki, Crystals, Sacred Ceremony and Shamanic Healing allowing the light, a supportive space for your healing journey.


When I turned to Jules for Reiki, I had no expectations at all, I was perhaps even a little cynical. This magical lady has had a transformational effect on my life and my relationship with the beautiful, magical Earth that we are all a part of. Jules has an inner light revealed by her warmth and compassion for others.

Alex, Broughton-in-Furness

After several Reiki sessions with Jules I felt an overwhelming sense of calm begin to settle within myself which enabled me to cope with the stresses of everyday life, something I had struggled to do. Jules has continued to help me on my journey of self love and belief in the again.

Lucy, Kendal

Reiki £40


Crystal Healing £35

Angela Butcher – Reiki Master Teacher and Meldings Practitioner

Angelic Usui Reiki Tibetan Traditional Usui Reiki 5 Element Reiki Shamanic Healing

Tel: 07932853959

Email: Elementaltherapies5@outlook.com

Mediation for Healing and Relaxation

Guided Meditation, focusing on self healing, listening to the wisdom of the body, using different elements and modalities – Crystals, sound, Shamanic Journeying.

2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month 7pm start

Reiki Share

Come give and receive Reiki. Open to anyone attuned to Reiki at all levels.

3rd Wednesday of the month 6:30pm onwards


Angela offers a beautiful safe space, she is very professional and warm, friendly and a gifted healer. I would highly recommend Angela.

Brian, Barrow-in-Furness

Reiki Share Donation

Initial session £55


Reiki £45


Crystal Healing £35


Crystal Healing £35

Samantha Brand – Swedish and Intuitive Massage Therapy

A Brand New Healthy You!

Tel: 07805867741

Email: sbrandmassage@gmail.com

As a child I was in constant pain in my body until the age of ten when my right tendon was lengthened in my lower leg to allow my right heel to stretch. This corrective surgery was life changing but unfortunately some of my muscles had already adapted to support my body in the way it was prior to surgery. By the age of twenty two I began to use massage to keep myself mobile. It is one of the best decisions I have made and it allowed me to have first hand experience of how massage can relax and ease aches and pains within the body.

In 1991, I started to practice meditation in London and then later in South East Asia. Through my own meditation practice, I began to observe how my thoughts and feelings impacted my physical body and realised both meditation and massage could be beneficial for my physical and mental health.

in 1997, I relocated to Lancaster and qualified as a massage therapist, In 2002, I qualified as a Tai Chi and Chi Chun teacher which I feel also enhances my massage practice. At the same time, I started using my Intuitive abilities alongside traditional massage. Intuitive massage is a powerful process that encourages self-discovery and wellness. This type of therapy utilizes hands on therapeutic massage techniques to restore or balance the flow of energy within the body. As an intuitive therapist, I allow my intuition to guide me to where your body requires healing.

1 Hour Session £40