Earthing Group

Rest in your body

Earthing Group

This group supports us to manage the challenges of bodily life.

They aid us to remain connected with the body as a part of the Earth. They are useful for stress in particular. They ease its effects on the body as well as help us manage emotional stress in everyday life. They are helpful when we are ‘stuck’ – supporting risk taking and change. They can be of assistance to us when we are struggling to accept life as it is and come to terms with its imperfections. They help us to be vulnerable and to release fear that arises from lack of trust in life itself.

On a physical level they are generally supportive of the systems of the body – in particular the digestive, nervous and excretory systems. They can be useful for the auto-immune system too.

They support, stabilise and encourage emotional lightness so they can be very helpful when people are overwhelmed by life or by their current situations.

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