About the Medicine Garden

The Medicine Garden was set up in 2006 in the centre of Ulverston, South Lakes as centre of peace and tranquility in a busy world where you can choose from high quality therapies and therapists.

Currently we offer:

  • Herbal medicine consultations with Sarah Atkinson MNIMH Dip. Phyt.
  • Herb walks led by Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist.
  • Consultations and workshops by Master Reiki teacher and crystal healer Jane Alexander.
  • Reflexology and massage by Caroline Anderson.
  • Bowen treatments with Jayne Rogers.
  • One to one Tai Chi and Qigong sessions from Christopher Shaw UKTQF.
  • Life Coaching with Jon Keen.
  • Crystal Healing sessions with Rosemary Scholes.

We run regular courses and workshops at the Medicine Garden on a variety of topics - see the courses page.

The therapy rooms at the medicine garden are available to rent.

Hourly rate: £9 per room for one hour

(this rate is also applicable to hours worked in addition to a booked half or full day)

£26 per room per half day 9am 1pm or 1pm - 5pm

(a variation on this theme can be discussed with me)

£ 40 per room per full day 9am - 5 pm

£60 for the entire building for the day 9 am - 5 pm

These rates include the use of the kitchen plus kettle


Sarah Atkinson MNIMH dip. phyt.

Owner & Medical herbalist

Tel: 01229 580222 / 716023
Email: sarah.atkinson4941@live.co.uk

I've been a practicing medical herbalist for over twenty years. The idea for the Medicine Garden has gradually germinated over this time.

During the process I've found that the emphasis of my consultation has changed, from focusing totally on the herbs to looking very much at what people eat and drink. This, combined with listening to peoples life stories has made my approach to dis-ease much more holistic, which benefits my patients by giving them more control over their health.

I qualified as a medical herbalist 25 years ago after completing a 4 year full time herbal course at the School of Phytotherapy. My training explored the mind /body connection – how we feel emotionally is often reflected in our health. The herbs I use are whole plant extracts usually in alcohol but if this isn’t appropriate I use teas or creams as well.

The Herbalist's Approach

Medical Herbalists are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors but take a more holistic approach to illness. The underlying cause of the problem is sought and, once identified; it is this which is treated, rather than the symptoms alone.. Herbalists use their remedies to restore the balance of the body thus enabling it to mobilise its own healing powers.

First consultation £50
Subsequent consultations £35

Jane Alexander

Soul Healer and Teacher

Tel: 07841 581979
Email: sacredspace@live.co.uk
Web: sacredspace-reiki.co.uk

At the heart of my work lies connection to Source and it is from this foundation that I design, create and lead my Reiki courses, crystal healing workshops, a wide range of transformational workshops and my one-to-one therapy sessions.

I found Reiki my early twenties, when my stressful working life as a secondary school teacher started to take its toll on my mental, emotional and physical health. Reiki has changed my life and wellbeing quite literally and it is my personal experience of change that informs my therapeutic practice. I am a qualified clinical aromatherapist & crystal healer and I am also a practitioner of transformational healing and Antaneea Soul Massage.

In my one-to-one sessions, I work intuitively with a combination of energy, crystals, Meldings, sound, breath and words in order to facilitate energetic change. In addition, my treatments can use massage as a basis. Working with soul to me means working with a deep appreciation of all that we are – body, mind, emotions, present, past and future. I use a range of guided techniques to move you deeply within your awareness of your Self to allow personal insights and understanding to arise.

One-to-One Sessions

My one-to-one sessions are for you if you are looking to expand your awareness, find a new perspective on yourself and your life or need support to navigate difficult circumstances or changes. My intuitive approach empowers you to connect with what is holding you back and to release it so that you can open into more of who you are.

Each session is unique to you and is created in the moment based on your needs. Sessions may include energy work (Reiki), crystal healing, guided meditation, transformational healing process work, discussion, soul journeying, spiritual teaching, soul retrieval, past life regression, drumming, sound and breath work.

Sessions last 1 hour £45
Two hour sessions are available £70

Healing Through Soul Based Massage Sessions

Massage can provide you with a deep healing space where your body can unwind supporting you to release stuck emotions, old energy patterns and create the space to connect with Soul.

I am a qualified clinical aromatherapist, hotstones massage practitioner as well as a practitioner of anteneea technique and I bring my intutitive awareness and skill to my massage work meaning that these sessions are more of a ritual space than just your average massage.

Sessions last an hour and a half £55
or two hours £75


1 hour, Teaching or mentoring : £35
1 hour, Reiki Treatment: £35
1 hour, Crystal Healing Session: £35
Crystals and reiki level 1 : £165
Crystals and reiki level 2 : £235
Reiki master practitioner: £450
Crystals level 3 : £165
Reiki master teacher: £700

Caroline Anderson MFHT

Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology and Reiki

Tel: 01229 462193 / 07870594096
Email: caroline@natureandnurturetherapies.com
Web: www.natureandnurturetherapies.com

My journey has taken me on some interesting twists and turns, living as a youngster in many areas of our green and pleasant land.

I have worked within the medical field with both animals and people, sometimes in emergency situations on top of our fells as part of a mountain rescue team.

The animals and people that I came across in distress, had one thing in common, they all responded to kindness and touch. So, this took me on my path into the use of therapeutic touch and complementary therapies.

I studied privately and at Kendal College and qualified in 2005 becoming a member of "The Federation of Holistic Therapists".

I offer Aromatherapy Massage with hand blended oils specific to the client. Reflexology with hand blended aromatherapy foot creams. Reiki/Relaxation. All within a cosy relaxing treatment room.

1hr: £30
1.5 hrs: £40

Jayne Rogers BAUK BTAA

Bowen Therapist

Tel: 07519348705
Email: rebalancebowen@outlook.com
Web: www.rebalancebowen.com

I am an experienced Bowen Therapist fully registered with the Bowen Association UK and Bowtech Australia. The Bowen Technique is a remedial, hands-on therapy that is applied using very gentle pressure. The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform Bowen’s unique sets of rolling-type moves which stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of the body. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is used making this treatment safe for anyone including babies and pregnant women. The experience of a treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing. It is believed that the Bowen Technique prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself and clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy. Bowen therapy can be used for many different conditions.

First Treatment: £45
Subsequent Treatments: £35

Christopher Shaw

Tai Chi and Qigong teacher

Tel: 07796554710
Email: chris_p_shaw@talktalk.net
Web: www.tai-chi-therapy.co.uk

Christopher Shaw is a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher based in Ulverston. Chris provides tailored 1-2-1 sessions at the Medicine Garden for people wishing learn profound simple techniques to increase and refine their energy.

By concentrating on subtle sensations, physical movement and breath we can connect to a deeper place, release old tensions and build our resources to fuel our inner development.

Per hour: £30

Rosemary Scholes

Crystal Therapist and Reiki Practitioner
Crystal Master Teacher

Tel: 07481 825487
Email: rosemary@crystalpoint.co.uk
Web: www.crystalpoint.co.uk

I am a qualified Crystal Therapist and Reiki Practitioner (Usui tradition) offering one-to-one sessions tailored to suit each client, which may be either of these individual healing disciplines or a unique combination of the two. I have a scientific background in chemistry and biology and worked for several years as a Medical Bacteriologist in a large Manchester hospital. After raising my family I spent many years in Floral Art and Design before a profound personal experience with crystals led me to train as a Crystal Healer, then also as a Reiki Practitioner. I strongly believe that working with Crystals and Reiki can help us rebalance our energy systems and lead us to better awareness of our own physical, mental and emotional being.

First session including consultation £45
1.5 hour session: £40
1 hour session: £30

Jill Bartlett

Reiki Master Practitioner

Tel: 07816 630151
Email: bartlettjill@aol.com
Web: www.innersense-reiki.co.uk

Reiki Master Practitioner - offerring Usui Reiki, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, Animal Reiki.

Per hour: £29
0.5 hour session: £14.50
Reiki for Animals: Please contact for price

Samantha Burden

Complementary therapist, Crystals, Reiki & Reflexology

Tel: 07932 737781
Email: sam.2511@btinternet.com

I have worked as a qualified health professional in the NHS since 1986 and have an extensive background in physical, mental and emotional well-being. My approach is to work with people in a proactive way to help them to enhance their own health. I combine honesty with sensitivity, patience with challenge, and compassion with responsibility.

I am fully insured as a Complementary Therapist and I follow a professional code of ethics.

1.5 hour session: £45
1 hour session: £30

Liz Davey

Energetics Practitioner, Soul Worker and teacher

'I am an Energetics Practitioner, Soul Worker and teacher working to help you live your life to the full from a place of connection with rather than separation from your Soul self, and from the heart rather than the head; guided by your own innate wisdom. I offer one to one sessions, transformational workshops and courses.

My connection with holistic therapies began over twenty years ago with Reiki which I found really helpful as I worked to manage a full life and busy job. I trained as a Reiki practitioner initially to continue my own development and to share the benefits with friends and family never really thinking I would go on to become a Reiki Master, and work as a therapist and teacher. Over the years I have continued to explored my own healing and development through a wide range of approaches and therapies, training in those I found most beneficial (Transformational Healing, Crystals, Integrated Energy Therapy, EFT, Diamond Light, Hypnotherapy). I also use my voice and the plant and energy based Meldings developed by Sarah and Jane as I work. I can offer these therapies as stand alone sessions however, I normally to bring them together working intuitively to respond to a clients needs.

I focus my therapy practice around evenings and weekends (although alternatives are sometimes possible) as my 'day job' lies within the environmental sector.

First session £45 (inc consultation)
One to one sessions £40 (up to and hour and a half)
One hour sessions £35

Jon Keen

M.A. Psych., Dip Couns., Dip Coach., MBACP, APP

Life Coaching

07889 299306
Email: jon@jonkeen.co.uk
Web: www.jonkeen.co.uk

Jon Keen Counselling and Coaching is the site of private practice therapist and coach, Jon Keen. He offers a holistic Psychosynthesis approach to your development and is registered with the Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Jon is based in Cumbria for counselling and psychotherapy and works UK wide and online as a coach.

Annabel Tziros

Reiki (Master/teacher level) Aromatherapy and massage,Counselling skills, crystals and Meldings

Reiki Master

Email: AJavalon@hotmail.com
Web: www.AJavalon.uk

Intro & about: Times of challenge, the journey of Motherhood, and finding Reiki, have all led me to where i sit with my work today.As an energetic practitioner i work with soul energy and earth energy, for deeper spiritual connection. I believe in a dual connection with our spiritual learning and progression, with that of Mother Earth's own journey.There is an innate, almost fundamental connection we seem to have with nature. A connection which seems to take us to a space of deep freedom. to calm, to the beautiful, to places of colour and creativity. A wanting to bond, to be part of the trees, the rivers, the stones beside us.So we seek to bond with ourselves, the deeper parts of us, the flow of journeys purpose,the embodiment of self knowledge,the divine and creative spaces,collective unity.As a practitioner it is these spaces that i work and facilitate within.

Sessions outline.

Reiki: In these sessions i work energetically aiding well being of the mind, body and spirit.Working with the body systems, chakras and energy fields. this is a non invasive treatment in a relaxed environment,good for many ailments.

Combination treatment: In these sessions i work energetically and intuitively for deep connections and soul work, using several holistic modalities, ranging from: Reiki,crystals,colour,sound,dowsing,guided meditation and relaxation, channeled messages, oracle cards and meldings - plant essences.

Angel energy sessions: Enjoy the beautiful energy of the Angels. In these sessions i give a Angel card reading, then channel the Divine connection from the Angels into the energy work. These sessions can bring beautiful and deep soul work.

Spiritual guidance and consultation: These sessions are designed to give a space for just being,a place to voice and be heard, to be spiritually held and seen. Sometimes our lives bring paths that are unclear, no time for our whole selves, or our journey in the present leaves us with no one who understands our spiritual rising or experiences.I work with intuition and spiritual connectedness for what is needed in the session.

Massage: I offer a combination of treatments, using a variety of holistic oils, dependent on the clients needs,soothing sounds, and Reiki'd massage which is optional'. Other massage treatment combinations can be catered for, so please feel free to ask.

Treatment lengths and prices:

Reiki - 40mins £25
Combination treatment - 1 hour £35
Angel energy - from 45 mins to 1 hour £30
Spiritual guidance and consultation: 1 hour £35 / 40 mins £25

Back, neck and shoulders - 45mins £30
Back and head - 45mins £30
Face, arms, hands and feet - 35mins £25
Back, head, face, arms, hands and feet - 1 hour £45