Welcome to The Medicine Garden

A Natural Health Centre for Holistic well-being, based in the historic market town of Ulverston, South Lakeland, Cumbria

We offer herbal consultations, reiki & crystal healing, Tai-Chi, Qigong, massage and counselling.

We also run courses with some of the top therapists in the UK. We hope you'll be able to join us. We can also "create a course" for you and your friends.

Based in the Medicine Garden Centre, the calm atmosphere adds to the overall healing effect.

We also offer a variety of herb walks. An opportunity to go for a walk, usually in the South Lakes area, with a local herbalist. Booking is essential.



Herb Courses with Sarah

Healing herbs from the hedgerow

  • 6 sessions starting on Wednesday 12th September 7 pm - 9 pm - alternate Wednesdays 26th September, 10th October and 24th October.

    Exploring the healing power of plants including herb walks, harvesting herbs, tincture making, fixed oils and herbal teas and syrups. Also including stories and observations from my 25 years in practice.
    Starting Wednesday 12th September 7 pm - 9 pm



Book launch

  • A Window on Medieval Medicine - Formally launched at Brantwood from 12 noon - copies signed in front of your very eyes, using only the finest quills.

    Refreshments appropriate to the middle ages will be available plus a short talk by Sarah and Jan titled - 'Why I've spent 10 years in a Medieval Monastery Drain' at 4 pm
    Saturday 29th September

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Mind Body Spirit Fair - Preston

Penwortham near Preston with the Meldings

  • We are attending a mind body spirit fair in Penwortham near Preston with the Meldings.
    Saturday 15th September



Mind Body Spirit Fair - Barrow

At The Forum, 28 Duke Street, in Barrow

  • Sunday 4th November

The Medicine Garden Courses & Events

We provide treatments from experienced and qualified health professionals for men and women of all age ranges.

To make an appointment or contact for more information please ring 01229 580222 / 716023.

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Click to view 'The energy of flowers at Brantwood', a collaboration between Jane Alexander, Sarah Atkinson and Sally Bamber; insights, anecdotes and watercolours.